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"Towering over all in the western distance, but too often concealed by clouds, the majestic Fusi-yama reared its conical summit" (Oliphant, 1859, v. II, p. 97).

Margin below image l. - r. in pencil: 7/10 Black Window Hotere Elam 84; watermark: Arches France.

Upper left (u.l.) & l.r. in pencil: 21; verso in pencil: A14.

"Less crowded with articles of furniture than the apartments of ladies of quality in England, the decorations of a bedchamber and boudoir in China are not less costly or complete - a suite of rooms being appropriated to the females of the mandarin's…

A colour caricature by P. W. Eisdell Moore, depicting Professors from the School of Medicine. Left to right: Joseph Bernard Dawson, Eric F. D’Ath, Francis Gordon Bell, Charles Ernest Hercus, John Malcolm, William Percy Gowland, and Frederick Horace…

A caricature of Professor William Percy Gowland with a skeleton behind him in an identical pose, illustrated by Russell Clark.

Kircher was ordained a Jesuit in 1628 in Mainz, Germany, but fled his homeland and settled in Rome in 1634 to escape the Thirty Years War. He remained in Rome most of his life researching a wide variety of disciplines, from geography and astronomy to…

This detail shows "two of the vessels made use of by the Chinese. The first of these marked (A), is a junk of about a hundred and twenty tons burthen, and was what the Centurion hove down by; these are most in the great rivers, though they sometimes…

"The Chinese fishermen take out with them in the morning ten or twelve of these birds, still fasting, either in light boats, or on bamboo rafts. They make them dive one or two at a time: the cormorant seldom comes up without having taken a fish, and…

Photomechanical copy of theatre programme for which the original sketch is not extant.

The cover of the 1945 edition of the Medical School magazine, Digest. The image juxtaposes a soldier with a gun and a surgeon with a scalpel, both held at the same angle. Medical students were exempt from conscription during World War II. Due to a…

The OUSA capping magazine cover from 1987. The magazine is entitled "House & Garden" in jest and the cover depicts a burnt-out student flat.

A caricature showing the various obstacles that face medical students during their metaphorical climb up the 'mountain of life'. After encountering exams, financial difficulties and illness, they reach their ultimate goal - a degree as depicted by a…

Two editions of 30; one on white paper, one on blue. Ron Brownson suggested title: Night Fishing French Bay.

"About this period a mutual friendship began to exist between us; confidence took place of timidity; and now, instead of permitting only a few to visit the shore at a time, they fitted up the garden of a temple as a sort of general arsenal for us;…

A caricature depicting a Medical Professor, William Percy Gowland with a Science professor, J. K. H. Inglis, playing golf with two Humanities Professors, Thomas Dagger Adams and H. Ramsay. The caricature is entitled "Keep Your Eye On The Ball". The…

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: 1847; on stone below image: Hindoo of Co-org, Madras Presidency. J.T.T. del. London Miss. Press

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Hoeing tobacco.

On stone below image: Horsburgh Lighthouse. October 1851. T. Picken lith. Day & Son to the Queen. Singapore straits Barbukit hill false Barbukit China Sea. J.M. Richardson 23 Cornhill London; on mount in ink: Pharos ego cum nomen prÊbunt…

"Mrs Chang: My lord, the matter is settled. since I have accepted your gifts, my daughter is yours. You may take her away at once. And you my child, you know that it is not I who send you forth from the shelter of my arms. For now you have been…

Margin below image l. - r. in pencil: 1/2/19/73 In Memoriam MDS

Abraham Ortelius (1527-98), rightly called the 'Father of Modern Cartography', developed the idea of assembling a compendium of maps to form an atlas. The first edition of his "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" was published in 1570 and it was a great…

"In Mr Heine's notes we find the following in reference to this bird: 'I found this species in various places around Macao. Like nearly all the other birds, it had retired to the rocky hills, where it hopped gaily from bough to bough, or flitted…

Margin below image in ink: T.M. Hocken; label: Na Te Hakena Tenei Tiki; label in ink in Dr Hocken's hand: Captain (Admiral) John Lort Stokes, R.N. was born st Scotchwell House, Pembrokeshire, in 1806 (?). Entered the Navy as a volunteer in 1824 on…
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