Key plan to Mr G.B. Shaw’s picture of Dunedin in 1851. Drawn by Mrs Hocken in 1892.

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Margin below image in ink: Key plan to Mr G.B. Shaw’s picture of Dunedin in 1851. Drawn by Mrs Hocken in 1892. Original in Dr Hocken’s possession. Full account of this picture, & of one of Port Chalmers by same artist is written in copybook and should be carefully preserved with the pictures. T.M.H. Nov 1st 1892; l.l. in ink: T.M. Hocken March 23 1898; through image in ink: [numerals]; descriptive letterpress attached: 1. The First Church, c, original portion, b, library and vestry added, a, final addition (now Sargood’s). 2. Schoolmaster’s section fronting Dowling Street (City Hall, Sargood’s, etc.). 3. Now forming part of Sec. 5, Blk. XLIX. 4. Sec. 48, Blk. ix. David Garrick’s section, on which were (8) Garrick’s house imported from home, afterwards the Royal Hotel and stables, kept by Alex. McDonald; then George Smith, then James Smith, and Allan’s bakery and dwellings; now Bank of N.Z., Nat. Insce., etc. 5. Sec. 53, Blk IX. Mrs Susan Fraser’s sec. Oddfellow’s Hall, Melhuish, photographer, now A.M.P. 6. Sec. 54, Blk. IX. Henry Findlater’s sec., Sutton, Wilson, druggist, now Bank N.S.W. 7. Sam. Gibbs, baker, S. of which is Otago News printing office, Mercer’s bakehouse, then Jones and Williamson, now National Bank, etc. 8. Garrick’s house, v. 4. 9. South corner of Princes and Rattray Streets. Sec. 66, Blk. IX. Alex. Rennie, grocer(?), Bullen, clothier, now Scott & Co. 10. Commercial Hotel, High Street, kept by Watson, now Butterworth Bros. 11. Probably James Adams’s house. 12 and 13. part of Royal Hotel. 14. Henry Mayo, grocer and draper, High Street, about D.I.C. 15. Sec. on which is arcade. 16. Gallie, blacksmith, W. & G. Turnbull’s. 17. Sec. 57, Blk. VII. Mrs Fulton’s sec., Jas. Fulton’s cottage, Harris & Gillie’s office, Union Bank’s gold-smelting place; now back of Wright, Stevenson’s yard. 18 and 19. Sec. in High Street. W. corner of Clarke Street, now Brace, Windle, Dr Stevenson, Hay, dentist. 20. High Street. 21. Hon. W.H. Reynolds’ house, Woodhead, Eglinton Road, Mornington, then S. E. R. Jones, Geo. Maclean, now Hugh MacNeil. 22. Sec. 41, Blk, VI. Perkins’ sec., now belongs to H.F. Hardy. 24. Wedderburn, shoemaker and in Customs. 25. Dr Stewart’s cowhouse on Sec. 20, Blk. VI. 26. W. Stevenson, carpenter, afterwards farmer Wingatin, H.F. Hardy, Ebbin Cottage. 27. Stevenson’s workshop, first site of Union Bank. The two form sec. 33, Blk. VI., now part of Bing, harris & Co., Occidental Hotel, and Wain’s Hotel in Manse Street. 28. Princes Street. 29. Site of Mechanics’ Institute, and where Provincial Council first met, now Cargill’s monument. 30. George Duncan’s slaughter-house and Gallie’s smithy, now part of Customs House and of late Colonial Bank Bldgs 31. Water Street. 32. N.Z. Co’s survey office, in middle of Water Street. Creek is visible at its back, and near fence. Princes Street bridge just above it. 33. Maori landing-place, with little bridge of two trees. 34. C.H. Kettle’s house, with Ngaio trees. This block now P.O. Supreme Court, etc. 35. W.H. Cutten’s one-roomed house. 36. Park’s (surveyor) house, then Duthie, A.R.D. Strode, Cap. Cargill’s office about Liverpool Street. 37. W.H. Cutten’s store, Otago Witness office; now back part of McKerras, Hazlett’s store, Bond Street. 38. John Jones’s store, now Robt. Wilson & Co., Bond Street. 39. Rev. Dr. Burns’s Manse at corner of Princes Street and Jetty Street. 40. Part of Manse, later built. 41. W.J. Napier’s house. 42. Crammond’s smithy, Emigration Barracks on Sec. 3, Blk. XLII. 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 being Secs. 10, 45, 11 and 12, Blk. VI., between Walker abd Stafford Streets. 46. Capt. Cargill’s first house, Cargill & MacLean, Daily Times, Shand, baker, W.G. Neill & Co., and F.W. Petre. 47. Robert Chapman’s (Registrar, Supreme Court), Queen’s Arms, Briscoe & Co., D. Baxter & Co. 48. James Brown, draper and post office, with private house at back, Leary, Loasby, druggists. 49. Thomas Thompson, carter. 50. James Cullen’s stable. 51. Mr Young, carpenter, Geo. Fenwick, carpenter. 52. Jas. Cullen (afterwards of Taieri), C. Logie, of the Customs, Cobb’s stables. 53. Archibald, James, and John Barr’s house. 54. Stafford Street. 55. Manse Street. 56. James Macahdres’s store, corner of Manse and Stafford Streets. 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 68, 69, 26 and 27 with vacant sections adjoining, being Sec. 31, 32, 33 and 46, Blk. VI., and bounded by Princes, High and Manse Streets. 57. Johnson & Borton’s store, Mrs Bain, draper, Begg, Christie, drapers, Brown, Ewing & Co., 58. John Proudfoot, bootmaker, Jas. Reid, watchmaker, James Paterson, saddler. 59. John Adams, tailor, John Healey, grocer. 61. Bain, tailer, Curle, tinsmith, site of Wain’s Hotel and Albert Buildings. 62. W.H. Valpy, Esq., fronting Manse Street, Oliver & Ulph’s, McLandress, Hepburn, Park, Reynolds & Co. 63. Julius Jeffrey’s house, Sec. 29, Blk. VI. Stafford Street, Provincial Hotel. 64. 65. Built by Duthie after leaving 36. John Hyde Harris, Henry Nathan, Sew Hoy, Red Lion 66. Sec. 17, Blk, VI. Gilbert Burns’s Section in Stafford Street, Mills, Dick & Co., printers. 67. Sec. 20, Blk. VI. Dr Stewart, from India, came in Ajax, Mrs Reynolds, senr., T.L. White, Macandrew’s partner, Howorth, solicitor, St Matthew’s Church. 68. Foster, buider, Manse Street (Wain’s Hotel). 69. J.B. Todd, printer. 70, 71, 72. Little Paisley, John Barr, John McGibbon, Francis Marshall, Jas. Patrick and Gillie’s cattle pound, part of Southern Cemetery. 73. Hillside road. 74. Hillside, Capt. Cargill’s second house. J.S. Webb, Wm. Isaac. 75. Farm. 76. Mr Valpy’s farm, Forbury, 77. Jetty. 78. The Swamp, now various townships, road to Anderson’s Bay, St. Clair, etc. 80. Sand-hills at Forbury, now St. Clair; label: Na Te Hakena Tenei Tiki.


315 x 508 mm


pen, ink & wash on paper

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Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.


Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.






Hocken, Elizabeth Mary, 1848-1933 and Shaw, George B. (George Baird), 1812-1883, “Key plan to Mr G.B. Shaw’s picture of Dunedin in 1851. Drawn by Mrs Hocken in 1892.,” | OUR Heritage, accessed July 19, 2024,