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Exhibition in the Hocken Library Gallery 22nd December 1983-20th February 1984

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: After G.B. Shaw 1851; on original mount in ink (in Dr Hocken’ hand: View of part of Dunedin from Stafford St with the upper harbour November 1851 by Geo B. Shaw copied from the original in the possession of Gilbert…

Margin below image in ink: Key plan to Mr G.B. Shaw’s picture of Dunedin in 1851. Drawn by Mrs Hocken in 1892. Original in Dr Hocken’s possession. Full account of this picture, & of one of Port Chalmers by same artist is written in copybook and…

Margin below image in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Key to “View of Dunedin &c” by C.H. Kettle, 1849. T.M. Hocken 1. Looking down Stafford St. 1+ Near site of St Matthew’s Church. 2. Cap. Cargill’s residence, Princes St. 3. 4. Robert Chapman…

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: Hill side. Capt. Cargill’s. Superintendent Otago; on flypage of sketchbook in ink: Thomas Morland Hocken from Sir William Fox. Sir William Fox who well knew the interest I took in old New Zealand & was a frequent…

Upper left (u.l.) in pencil: 17; u.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: The landing of the first emigrants in 1848. Captain Cargill leads the way. T.M.H.

Lower centre (l.c.) in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Almost the only way in the early days of reaching the Legislative Council at Auckland. Captain Cargill takes it. Circa 1854. T.M.H.; on label in ink: The only way in the early days of reaching the…

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: J. Brown, 18; l.c. in pencil: 10; on label in ink: Captain Cargill addresses a meeting. Napier is close to barrel. Buchanan, an elder, near him. Manning is at left

Lower left (l.l.) each image with brush: JTT 1879; on mount in pencil: J.T. Thomson Del.t 1879.Three Otago worthies: His Honour Captain Cargill; Sir John Richardson; Rev.d Dr Burns, D.D.
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