Lyttelton, taken from the foot of the Bridle road.

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[Lyttelton, taken from the foot of the Bridle road. Lithographed at the British Museum for Dr T.M. Hocken, ca 1903] III W. Holmes del. 1851.

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Hocken Pictorial Collections - 12,782


Margin below image in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Lyttelton March 1851 (Taken from the foot of the Bridle Road) T.M. Hocken; label: Na Te Hakena Tenei Tiki; note by W. Holmes transcribed in ink by Dr Hocken: No III. Cross set up on part of Mount Pleasant by the first masters. H.W. Russell Esq. London St. Jail (buildings). J.R. Godley Esq. Associations’s Offices. Lyttelton Times Office. Temporary Church & Schools. Sumner Road. Dr Earle’s. Isabella Hercus. Maoris encamping. Temporary Episcopal Palace. Association’s store. Pier. Esplanade. Mr Alport’s store. Longden & Le Cren’s store. Lyttelton Arms Hotel. The Mitre. Major Hornbrook’s. Oxford St. Sumner Parade, joining London Street. Canterbury St. Bride [sic] Road, joining esplanade. Market (site of the) Emigration Barracks. N.B. Taken from the foot of the Bridle Road. W. Holmes. T.M.H.


262 x 433 mm


lithograph, hand coloured on paper (pasted to card)

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Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.


Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.




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