Lyttelton and Port Victoria.

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[Lyttelton and Port Victoria. Lithographed at the British Museum for Dr T.M. Hocken, ca 1903] I W. Holmes del. 1851.

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Hocken Pictorial Collections - 12,781



Margin below image in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Lyttelton and Port Victoria March 1851; on mount in ink: The originals of these sketches, eleven in number, were taken by Mr William Holmes, who arrived at Lyttelton in the Castle Eden, in February 185He accompanied the Rev Dr Thomas Jackson, Bishop designate of Lyttelton & was appointed Assistant Master of the newly instituted First Lyttelton Grammar School. The sketches were lent to me in 1903 by the Rev. Prebendary Jackson of S. Paul’s Cathedral London & Son of the Bishop Designate. With the exception of Nos 5,6,9,10 & 11, which were not worth copying, I had them lithographed by one of the staff of the British Museum. To make them more legible & useful, I have slightly coloured them. Mr Holmes suggested that “My sketches be published in large 8vo with a little descriptive letterpress to be called Canterbury sketches and sold in a wrapper at a small amount, say 2/- or 2/6 or such a price that the poorest emigrant might afford. This will then afford great benefit both to the Association & the colonist. N.B. To be got up in plain outline.” The Association, however, got into so much pecuniary difficulty that it was doubtless impossible to comply with Mr Holmes’s request. T.M.H.; note by W. Holmes transcribed in ink by Dr Hocken: No I. Rhodes’s farm, Banks Peninsula. A native Pah. Pulao Bay. Castle Eden, 930 tons. Sumner Road. Town of Lyttelton. Port Victoria. Quail Island (abounding in good building stone) Mountain Path to Christchurch & the Plains. Bridle Path. Distant glimpse of 90 mile beach. Pacific Ocean. Wm Holmes. T.M.H.


259 x 430 mm


lithograph, hand coloured on paper (pasted to card)

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Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.


Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.




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