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A.cover: 15 drawings Colin McCahon December ’51 to May ’52; title page: for Charles Brasch from Colin McCahon 1952; b. The cup; c. This is a cold land; d. Light candles against the oncoming dark; f. The word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.…

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: McCahon … [date illeg]; through image with brush: I.N.R.I.

Married and living with his wife and young son near Nelson in 1946-48, McCahon turned from depicting landscapes to Christian imagery. By synthesizing disparate elements - portraiture, still life and symbolism (the lamp and jug) with words McCahon…

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: Working drawing for Stations of the Cross. Hotere; l.c. in ballpoint pen: Jeffrey Harris, 9 Cashmere View Rd, Christchurch; through image: [numerals & colour notes].

Frequently exhibited with variant title, Crucifixion with lamp 1947.
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