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Sheet music of Louis A. Benzoni's 'Back to home, sweet home - and you'.

S16-516a   MZ 20 BU16 R6.tif
Sheet music of Jack Caddigan and James A. Brennan's 'Rose of no man's land'

S16-511a   MZ 20 M378 B4 1914.tif
Sheet music of E.R. Martin's Be loyal to your King (An Englishman's lesson to his son). Martial song.

S16-507a   MZ 20 A767 A59 1916.tif
Sheet music of Tom Armstrong's A-N-Z-A-C (Australian-New Zealand Army Corps). 'Introduced in J.C. Williamson's Ltd brilliant successful pantomime "The house that Jack built." shop stamp reads 'Palings, Sydney.'

S16-512a   MZ 20 G744 A59 1916.tif
Sheet music of Ambrose G. Gregory and Sergeant W. Darwin's Anzac's, well done.

S16-513a   MZ 20 D436 U55 1914.tif
Sheet music of Fredk. L Dean's The Union Jack forever: Patriotic song

S16-514a   MZ 20 J646 F73 1918.tif
Sheet music of Arthur Johns' and Gwyneth Tucker's A fragment from France.

S16-515a   MZ 20 RM52 S6.tif
Sheet music of J.S. Donaldson and G.E. Robertson's Sons of the Empire. Inscription reads "with kind regards and best wishes from Geo. E. Robertson, Xmas 1914."

Sheet music of Paul A. Rubens' Your King and country want you: A woman's recruiting song. Front cover also reads: Entire profits of this song will be devoted to Queen Mary's "Work for Women" fund. Signed Paul A. Rubens, and seller's stamp reads…

Sheet music of Louis A Benzoni, and Ivan M Levy's Wait Till the Clouds Go By.

Sheet music of Guy Michell and William Darwin's 'Our glorious dead.' printed message on cover reads 'May be sung without fee or license; mechanical rights reserved This song should be sung on all memorial occasions it is dedicated to our heroes who…

Sheet music of Tom Armstrong's 'Mother of men'

Sheet music of 'Heroes of the Dardanelles: song'
Sung by Mr. Peter Dawson; sung by John Ralston, also Malcolm McEachern

Sheet music of Edyth Rosehall's 'ANZACs forever: march'

Sheet music of Arnold Abbott and Hal Abbott's 'Neath the light of a perfect peace.'

Also Legend of New Zealand wild flowers
cover reads: smoke Winifred cigarettes

Sheet music of A.R.Don and H.S.B. Ribband's 'We shall get there in time'
Front cover reads: Post a copy to your soldier friend. It will cheer him in camp and on march.

Sheet music of A.R.Don and H.S.B. Ribband's 'Our Territorials: A chorus march song.'

Sheet music of Albert H. Light's 'The Soldier'
Stamp reads 'The Anglo-American music Stores'

Sheet music of R.P. Weston, P.C. Cole and Hermann E. Darewski's 'Where are the Lads of New Zealand tonight?'

Sheet music of Barrie Marschel's 'There's only one way home boys "it's through Berlin"'
Stamp reads: "The Anglo-American music store'

Sheet music of Burt Royle and Frank Crowther's 'Britons all: Territorial camp song'

Sheet music of Hampton Woods' 'Keep on keepin' on: Patriotic song'

Sheet music of Louis A. Benzoni's 'Good old New Zealand'

Sheet music of G.B. Laidlaw and G.A. Wycherley's 'When the boys come home: Song of welcome.'
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