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Designed in conjunction with the Home Science Department, the blueprint of a proposed structure for display at the South Seas Exhibition (1925-1926) includes floor-plans, various elevations and some details of furnishings. The plan shows the…

An architectural cross-section of the exterior of the Clocktower Building, depicting in detail the "Elevation of the North Side of the Tower".

An architectural cross-section of the staircase housed within the Clocktower Building. Depicting in detail the "Section Thro Hall".

We can assume that this work, by being one of two elevations of the west wall of the clocktower building, was effectively commissioned by the University in 1877 when they asked Bury, the winner of the competition for a new university building, to…

Margin below image in ink in Mrs Hocken’s hand: Waikouaiti church, Feb 1/63. From a drawing by L. Bradley; through image in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Reproduced with all its faults of drawing & perspective. represents the original Church which…
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