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"Of the Muscles of the Thorax
The Muscles of the Thorax may be divided into Proper and Common" (Cowper, 1724, Chap. XIX).

"Of the Muscles of the Scapula, or Shoulder-Blade.
These Muscles make the second Division of those relating to the Motion…

"Of the Muscles of the Larynx
These Muscles of the Larynx are generally divided into Common and Proper" (Cowper, 1724, Chap. XVII).

"Of the Muscles of the Fauces" (Cowper, 1724, Chap. XVI).

"Of the Muscles of the Internal Ear.
... three Muscles belong to the Malleus, of which the first, that appears in Dissection, is the Externus of Aquapendens; the second is the Externus of Du Verny, which we call Obliquus Auris; and the third is the…

"Of the Muscles of the Nose.
The Nose is altogether immoveable, except in its lower gristly Part, the Sides of which are not improperly called Alae or Pinnae, by whose Approach, or Recess, the Nostrils are straitned, or dilated (Cowper, 1724, Chap.…

"of the Muscles of the Cheeks and Lips.
The Descriptions and Uses of these Muscles given by Anatomists, are so various, that to recite their several Accounts of them would be exceedingly tedious to the Reader, and at the same time of very little…

"Of the Muscles of the Hairy-Scalp and Forehead" (Cowper, 1724, Chap. VI).

"Of the Muscles of the Anus.
Various Accounts are given us by Anatomists of the Muscles of the Anus. Galen divides its Sphincter into two, viz. Carnosus and Cutaneus; which with the two Levatores, make four Muscles belonging to this Part. Riolan…
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