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"Of the Muscles of the Four Lesser Toes.
These (like the Muscles of the Fingers) we shall divide into Common and Proper. The Common Muscles of the Toes are such, as have their Tendons inserted into all the lesser Toes, as the Extensor Digitorum…

"Of the Muscles of the Uvula.
Falloppius mentions the second and third of these Muscles among those of the Fauces; but Riolan first ascribed them to this Part, and call'd them Pterygostaphylinus Internus and Externus. The Discovery of the…

"Of the Muscles of the Internal Ear.
... three Muscles belong to the Malleus, of which the first, that appears in Dissection, is the Externus of Aquapendens; the second is the Externus of Du Verny, which we call Obliquus Auris; and the third is the…

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1877; on mount in pencil: Skeleton of moa, Christchurch. 21 Feb 1877
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