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Margin above image u.l. - u.r. in pencil: D’Urville Island from Ruby Bay 1945; u.r. in pencil: Colin McCahon; l.r. in crayon: McCahon.

22 in The Jack & Ethel McCahon gift to the Hocken LibraryMcCahon writes: "Colin McCahon. on left. Durville island taken from Ruby bay. initialled C.M. lower l. c. 7 1/2 x 9 1/2. crayon".

Lower left (l.l.) on stone: Puketutu from my boat. ’57. ed.100.

Inscribed throughout on stone: Puketutu, Manukau, 3 lithographs by Colin McCahon 1957.1. ed. 100. Published by Peter Webb, High St Auckland.

Lower centre (l.c.) with brush: W. Handcock S.R.A. 64; on original mount in pencil: Quarantine Island, south P.t Chalmers & the blueskin road from the back bay of Port a Bello; paper maker’s chop: London Board

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: WF 7th April 1851; l.r. in pencil: Trinidad B.g N.E. & by N 20 miles, WF; verso in pencil: Tail piece; on sketchbook mount in ink: Trinidad. 20 miles off. N.E. by N.; on flypage of sketchbook in ink: Thomas Morland Hocken…

On sketchbook mount in ink: Rangitoto & part of Auckland harbour (Judge’s Bay). 1856 Judge’s Bay?; on flypage of sketchbook in ink: Thomas Morland Hocken from Sir William Fox. Sir William Fox who well knew the interest I took in old New Zealand &…

Known as South Trinidad Island & lies c.1000 km west of Brazil in the South Atlantic. It was often sought by ships' captains as a check on their nautical reckoning, and therefore seen by many emigrants on their way from Britain down the Atlantic to…

Margin below image in pencil: Pic nic Island - Waikato R; margin below image in iron gall ink: [page of Diary]; margin left of image in iron gall ink: [page of Diary]; chop (blindprint): Superfine; l.r. in pencil: 29.

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil (a): Auckland Harbor 21 Sep 65 EAW [monogram]; (b) verso in pencil: [sketch of boat & seagulls]

Verso image in ink: Bass Rock; on mount alongside image (vertically): Bass Rock

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1878; on mount in pencil: St Cuthbert’s cell, Farne Island. From a photograph. 1878

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1878; on mount in pencil: Near Farne Island, from Bamborough Castle. 30 Mar 78

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1878; on mount in pencil: Holy Island from Bamborough Castle. 18 Mar 78

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1878; on mount in pencil: Entrance to Honolulu Harbour. Diamond Point in distance. 5 Dec 77

On mount in ink: South coast of Tasmania. S.W. Cape, [?]suykers Islands, Mewstone, S, Cape; in pencil: … Van Diemans Land

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: 1849; on mount in ink: Pulo Tingi, Pahang

On mount in ink: The deserted whaling station, Brown’s Isl.ds, Kapiti; in pencil: 3.

On mount in ink: Deserted pah, Island of Kapiti; in pencil: Opposite Brown’s Island; verso mount in pencil: Deserted Pah (opposite Brown’s Island) on Kapiti - NZ.d WS.

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: W. Deverell Jany 1880; margin below image in pencil: Gog & Magog Stewart Island.
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