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"of the Muscles of the Arm, or Os Humeri.
Galen, Jacobus Sylvius, and Vesalius, describe seven Muscles belonging to each Arm, viz. Pectoralis, Deltoides, Teres Major, Latissimus Dorsi, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, and Subscapularis. Arantius, in…

"Of the Muscles of the Cubit.
The lower part of the Arm from the Elbow to the Wrist is called the Cubit, which is bended and extended by five Muscles, namely, Biceps, Brachiaeus Internus, Gemellus, Brachiaeus Externus, and Anconaeus" (Cowper, 1724,…

"Introduction. Concerning the Muscles and their Action.
As all the Appearances of Nature furnish matter for Speculation worthy of a rational Mind; so those of the Animal OEconomy more particularly recommend themselves to our Consideration" (Cowper,…
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