From the Pen of F. Truby King





Medical WS 100 K52



Auckland: Printed for the Truby King Booklet Committee by Whitcombe & Tombs


In 1905 Truby King wrote: ‘If women in general were rendered more fit for maternity, if instrumental deliveries were obviated as far as possible, if infants were nourished by their mothers and if boys and girls were given a rational education, the main supply of population for our asylums, hospitals, benevolent institutions, gaols and slums would be cut off at the source. Further, a great improvement would take place in the physical, mental and moral condition of the whole community.’ In 1951 further Trubyisms were published in From the Pen, along with Rita Snowden’s retrospective on King’s life and work, and Helen Deem’s overview on ‘infant loss in New Zealand’. The frontispiece depicts King and a youngster at Melrose House, Wellington.


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