Chromosome Atlas of Flowering Plants




Science SB107 D632 1955


London: Allen & Unwin


The Three ‘Botany’ Musketeers were Batham, Cookson and Shore. The fourth unofficial Musketeer was Ann Wylie, who helped out while finishing off her Honours thesis. Appointed to the Botany Department in 1961, she taught plant cytology and genetics. While undertaking postgraduate work in England, she was fortunate to work with C. D. Darlington (1903-81), an English biologist, geneticist and eugenicist, on a new edition of the Chromosome Atlas of Cultivated Plants. This publication, which described some 15,000 species and 2,500 genera, not only assisted the plant breeder by showing what species may be crossed and with what results, but it also provided the geneticist and evolutionist with the rules or laws of chromosome variation.


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