A polite traveller and British navigator

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Special Collections de Beer Eb/1783/P


London : Printed for John Fielding


This 12° book, containing two volumes of an eight-volume collection, highlights the strong interest in circumnavigations among readers of every rank. The frontispiece captures the compelling sense of danger, while the title-page enumerates the well-established pantheon of British heroes of the high seas. And this title-page only describes half the book; the other half describes two polar voyages. Such abridged reprints were well within the reach of the average reader, and judicious extracts ensured that they were frequently more engaging to read than the bulkier and more expensive originals.


Byron, John, 1723-1786
Wallis, Samuel, 1728-1795
Carteret, Philip, -1796
Inglefield, John Nicholson, 1748-1828
Fielding, John
Dolphin (Ship)
Tamar (Ship)
Swallow (Ship : 1795-1807)
Prince Frederick (Ship)
Centaur (Ship)


The British navigator : containing an account of voyages round the world: performed by Commodore Byron, begun in the year 1764 and finished in 1766 : by Captain Wallis, begun in 1766, and finished in 1768 : and also that by Captain Carteret, begun at the same time, and finished in 1769 : to which is prefixed, an account of the loss of His Majesty's ship the Centaur, commanded by Captain Inglefield, and of the miraculous escape of the captain and part of his crew.

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Polite traveller and British navigator ; v.7
In box with the other volumes of the series.




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