Expositio super textu Petri Hispani


30th April, 1482


Shoults Itb 1482 O
HC 12043*; BMC VII 940; Goff 075; ISTC io00077700



Parma: Damianus de Moyllis and Johannes Antonius de Montalli
Printing was introduced into Parma by Andreas Portilia, who completed an edition of Plutarch on educational matters on 23 September 1472. Although Damianus de Moyllis, also known as De Bochalariis, may have been printing as early as 1470 (see BMC VII: xlviii), the first authenticated work is the Chorale which he and his brother Bernardus completed on 10 April 1477. No mention is made of his 'partner', Johannes Antonius de Montalli.


Modern faded red buckram. Large blemish on front cover. Spine title reads: Dorbelli/ Logice/ 1482.
First page of text proper (Excellentissimi...f.1a), colophon.


A commentary on the Summulae logicales (Little summaries of logic) of Petrus Hispanus (Pope John XXI), but of that text only the first few words beginning each section are printed.
Pope John XXI (d. 1277) was a trained physician before he became pope in 1276.
De Orbellis (born c. 1400) was a French Franciscan monk and scholar.


Paper. [108] leaves; 200 x 145 mm (quarto).
Gothic type; double columns.
F. [1a]: Excellentissimi uiri artiu ac sacre theologie pfessoris eximij magistri Nicolai Dorbelli de Fracia ordinis mino[rum] [secundu]m doctrina doctoris subtilis Scoti: logice breuis: sz ad modu utilis expositio incipit.
F.108a Colophon: impesis Damiani de moyllis: et Ioannis Antonij de Montalli: ad studentiu utilitatem eiusdem fratris Petri instatia fide liber impressum. 1482. die ultimo Mensis Aprilis.'
Edited by Petrus de Parma
Capital spaces with guide letters, unpainted.
A few leaves smoke stained; manuscript marginalia on some leaves, in several hands.


1. Canon William Ardene Shoults
2. Selwyn College; Otago University Library




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