The retinue of the Dutch Ambassadors in their journey to Court.

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In 1691 Kaempfer (a physician) travelled with the Dutch ambassadors from Nagasaki to Yedo, seeking an audience with Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. The retinue of the Dutch Ambassadors, in their journey to court, compos'd of the following persons. 1, 2. Dutch and Japanese cooks, with the kitchin Furniture They always set out sometime before us. 3. Two guides appointed by the Lords of several provinces to attend us in our passage thro' their dominions. 4. The train-master. 5. A led-horse of the Dutch Ambassador. A Dosen, one of the Governor's soldiers of the second rank. 7. A chest with medicines. 8. A strong box with money. 9. The Dutch Ambassador in his Norimon, carried by four men alternately, with three servants to attend him. 10. The chief Interpreter secretaries of the Embassy, each with one servant. 15. Dr. Kaempfer, a physician. 16. A Deputy Interpreter. 17. Another Bailiff of Nagaasaki. 18. The led-horse of the Bugjo. 19. The Bugjo's pikebearer. 20. The Bugjo, or Commander-in-chief, in his Norimon, with several servants, carried alternately by three men. 21. Some of his friends taking leave of him. 22. Some of our friends from Nagasaki who keep us company two of three miles out of town. The train is preceded by two clerks. (Kaempfer, 1906, v. II facing p. 368).


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The history of Japan : together with a description of the kingdom of Siam, 1690-92... / translated by J.G. Scheuchzer (Glasgow : James Maclehose, 1906) v.II, facing p. 368.

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