The Wish Child




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Wellington: Victoria University Press; with kind permission


Robert Burns Fellow 2005 and 2006: Catherine Chidgey (b. 1970)

Catherine Chidgey held the Robert Burns Fellowship for a year and a half from the start of 2005. She recalls her tenure:
I started writing my novel, “The Wish Child”, when I had the Burns. When I look at the book now, I can still remember exactly which sections were written in my quiet little office in the English Department. It was wonderful to feel so supported; I could emerge from the office and talk to people when I wanted to, but I was also given the luxury of being left alone to focus on my work. I loved Dunedin so much, I stayed there for a couple of years following the Fellowship. I still miss it.’
Chidgey went on to gain the University of Otago Wallace Residency at the Pah Homestead, for six months in 2010 to 2011, where she continued her work on The Wish Child.


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