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About 1865 Nicholas Chevalier visited New Zealand with his wife and went on a tour of the lakes and mountains of Otago.

This small watercolour of Dunedin from Little Paisley was painted by Edward Immyns Abbot in 1849. The work was acquired by Dr T.M. Hocken who described the artist as ‘a young surveyor of superior abilities’. The surveyor’s role was to record…

Lower right (l.r.): Rita Angus.

"In the 1960s Wellington's long settled inner suburb of Thorndon was threatened by the proposed construction of a motorway through it. Old houses were pulled down and Wellington's first cemetery was demolished." "When plans for an extension to the…

GH Brown says painted to show art school style fashion; Ron Brownson says painted to explore use of texture.

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: E Anscombe July 1891; verso: artist’s name & title on torn label

"[Field's] ideas on painting had been influenced by the Post-Impressionists to the extent of allowing heightened colour and a degree of flattening and formal interest in the constructin of the imagery. Anywhere else Field would not have seemed…

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: R.N. Field, 28. verso: landscape in oils.

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: John Gully 1887; l.l. with brush: L. Manipori from slopes of the Takatimo mountains; margin beside image r. in pencil: A; verso in pencil: Manapouri No 2. Manapouri No 2 Distant view from Mt Excelsior

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: Hodgkins; label: Bourlet & Son, London; label: City of Manchester Art Gallery 15137; label: Double Portrait by Frances Hodgkins lent by Jane Saunders, 12 Victoria Rd Fallow Weld, Manchester; label: Isle of Purbeck Arts…

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: NH 95 [monogram]; verso: NH 95 [monogram]

With brush: [title] Painted by John Irvine from a photograph six years before his death

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: D. Lusk ’40; label: QEII; label [crossed out]: This picture was painted in 1935 when the artist was still a student at the Dunedin School of Art

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: D. Lusk 41; verso in white paint superimposed over pencil: Tobacco fields, Nelson, N.Z. Doris Lusk 25 Ross St Dunedin; verso in pink crayon: C Brasch Dunedin; label: 20

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: D. Lusk; verso panel in oil on unprimed surface: [unfinished flower study]

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: D… [illeg]

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: D. Lusk 1955
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