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Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: R.S. Kelly; on old mount in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Dunedin 1862, taken from the descent of Graham into McLaggan Street, down which the picture looks. T.M. Hocken; label: Na Te Hakena Tenei Tiki.

05 in The Jack & Ethel McCahon gift to the Hocken LibraryMcCahon writes: "on right. 4YA. Highcliffe [sic] Otago Peninsular [sic] c. 9 x 11 1/2. (Varnished with theatrical spirit gum (for sliding on boards etc) C.McC" Dated by Luit Bieringa.

A montage of various photographs relating to the Medical School, including images of professors, laboratory and surgery scenes, and students studying.

Margin below image l.r. in ink: T.M. Hocken; verso in pencil: J.H. Ewer.

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: 1865; on mount in pencil: Broad leaf Trees Rockyside, Otago 1865

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T. Thomson 1872; on canvas verso: Bush near Dunedin 1872

Lower centre (l.c.) in pencil: J.T.T. 30 Mar 65; l.r. in pencil: 1865; l.r. with brush: 1865; on mount in pencil: Cabbage Trees Rockyside, Otago 1865

Eleven male students from Selwyn College holding signs saying "Closed on account of fire" and "No license - a bar to progress". One student has his head through a large sign that has the word "Booth".

A photograph of the 1910 capping band members. Several of the male students are dressed in women’s clothing while another is dressed as a clown. It was not until 1947 that female students appeared in the capping show.

A montage of early capping parade photographs. The title on the photograph reads "A snap of the procession of students in varied costumes as it passed through the Octagon".

Upper right (u.r.) in pencil: 13; on original mount in ink: Reproduced from a sketch painted in 1853-54 by Capt.n the Hon.ble E.H.W. Bellairs by T.W. Eyton; on original mount (in Dr Hocken’s hand: Cap. Bellair’s house at corner of Frederick &…

Cataloguing staff in the Central Library using typewriters to create labels and entries for the card catalogue. Newly purchased books are stacked on the shelves waiting to be processed.

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: W. Handcock; label: City of Dunedin by W. Handcock, 1864; label in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: W. Handcock was the first drawing master of the Boys’ High School. His watercolour is very accurate. By the old…

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