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Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: J. Brown, 18; l.c. in pencil: 10; on label in ink: Captain Cargill addresses a meeting. Napier is close to barrel. Buchanan, an elder, near him. Manning is at left

Upper left (u.l.) in pencil: 3; l.c. in pencil: 7; c.l. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Mr W.B.D. Mantell. An amplification of his well known discovery of Moa remains! T.M.H.

Label in ink: Mr Bellairs, a gentleman settler at Brockville, Half Way Bush, prepares to leave New Zealand. circa 1858; second label in ink: Mr Brock-Holinshead of the Half Way Bush prepares to leave New Zealand.

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: J. Brown; through image in pencil: Superintendency, Separation, Otago Province, Mataura; u.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Refers to the disastrous separation of Southland from the Province of Otago of which it formed…

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: Brown; u.r. in ink in Dr Hockenís hand: Mr George Lloyd of Green Island proposes to enrol some noble volunteers in 1859 during the Maori outbreak in the North Island. T.M.H.; label in ink: Mr Lloyd of Green Island enrols…

Lower centre (l.c.) with brush: Don Quixote & Sancho Panza; on label in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Bellairs and Ebenezer Brown who was a shepherd when B. took a run at Toi Tois.

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.Brown; through image with brush: Welcome Gore Browne; l.c. in ink in Dr Hocken's hand: Governor Gore Browneís first visit to the Settlement of Otago in January 1856. William Simpson the shoemaker assures his…

Lower centre (l.c.) in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: The first ass (really a mule) imported. Mr J. de la C. Carnegie with his wooden leg. circa 1856 T.M.H.

Upper centre (u.c.) in pencil: Crown dom…tion. Gravel and sand; l.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Refers to Mr W.B. Mantell’s moa bone discoveries. The gravel and sand bag bespeak him a geologist. T.M.H.; label in ink: Refers to Mr Mantell’s…

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: The dog in the manger; u.l. in pencil: 8; u.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: The Rev. Thomas Burns does not welcome the advent of the Rev. John Albert Fenton, clergyman of the Church of England who arrives January 1,…

Upper centre (u.c.) in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: An essay of Mr George Lloyd’s noble volunteers.

Upper left (u.l.) in pencil: 16; through image in pencil: C…lls collection of mechanical figures; label in ink: A political squib connected with the Provincial Council election of 1853. Cap. Cargill the showman.

Through image in pencil: The Spectator; through image in ink: 1. 2. 3.; margin above image in ink in Dr Hockenís hand: 1. Captain Cargill, 2. W.H. Cutten, his son-in-law.

Through image in pencil: Lambert Printer etc, remedy for the Gout, L.L. Smith Pills; margin below in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Mr Lambert, editor of the “Colonist” ill-used by one (… who considered himself ill-used in the columns of the paper.…

Margin above image in ink in Dr Hockenís hand: Auction sale in early days. For a dozen of champagne Mr W.H. Reynolds carries down from the Half Way Bush a bath for Dr Manning who, with his wife, walks before him. 1. Dr Manning; 2. Mr Reynolds,…

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: 11; l.c. in pencil: 11; u.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: John de la Condamine Carnegie. 2. Captain Cargill. 3. W.B.D. Mantell. 4. Dr Williams. -1853.
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