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Lower centre (l.c.) in pencil: Pitoni; verso u.r. in pencil: 57; on sketchbook mount: Native wata or Storehouse. Pitoni, Wellington. 1850; on flypage of sketchbook in ink: Thomas Morland Hocken from Sir William Fox. Sir William Fox who well knew the…

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Mr Bounce in a dog skin cloak. W.F. Massacre Bay 1847; on sketchbook mount: Native haranguing. Massacre Bay. 1847; in pencil: Now Golden Bay; verso u.r.: 49 56 [pencil sketch]; on flypage of sketchbook in ink: Thomas…

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Rakawakaputa, P. Cooper Plains W. Fox Dec.r 20/48; l.l. in pencil: Te Rakiwakaputa, Kaiapoai [crossed out] Wataputa 20 Dec.r 1848; on sketchbook mount: Wataputa on Canterbury Plain. Jan 1849; verso u.r. in ink: 34; on…

Lower right (l.r.) on plate: FA [monogram]; on flypage of sketchbook in ink: Thomas Morland Hocken from Sir William Fox. Sir William Fox who well knew the interest I took in old New Zealand & was a frequent visitor at my house, promised to bequeath…

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J. Smetham 1863; on frame: The New Zealand chiefs in Wesley's house. James Smetham 1863.

All inscriptions in Dr Hocken's Hand Through image recto in ink: Drawn by Thomas Tooi & given to George S. Bull and by him to Wm Greenwood; through image recto in pencil: A New Zealand boat by Tooi; around edges of image recto vertically in ink: 12…

On label verso mount: An incident during a Hauhau raid on a settler’s farm. Painted by Major von Tempsky. Presented by Mrs N Kettle (née von Tempsky)

Margin below image l.- r. in pencil: This is meant for Auckland harbour 14 July 64 - the Alexandra, the Cathedral, F.t Britomart, the Maoris and English ships; verso in pencil: 33

Centre (c.) in pencil: Toi-Toi (or any other man) or woman; l.l. - l.r. in pencil: Defence force Taranaki. 12 stone 30 June 64; verso: [pencil sketch inscribed: Mahoetai - 20 June]

Verso in pencil: [drawing dated:] 10 May; on sketchbook mount: Auckland Harbour

Margin below image l.c. in iron gall ink: To Tommy Tucker, of Delhi House, Charlton, Kent, the following story is dedicated in affectionate remembrance of the many hours spent in his society by his friend and relative W.D. Timefuze; margin…

Margin below image in iron gall ink: Piko-Piko [page of Diary]; margin left of image in iron gall ink: [page of Diary]; l.r. in pencil: 49; watermark: A. Cowan & Sons 1858.

Margin below image in ink: Pomare’s Pah, N.Z. Destroyed 30th April 1845. J.Williams 58th Reg.t; margin below image in pencil: 7; verso: B.

Margin below image c. in ink: Okaihow, NZ. 8th May 1845 3 O’Clock pm; margin below image r. in ink: J. Williams 58th Reg.t Del.t.

Margin below image c. in ink: Ruapekapeka, N.Z. January 1846. The bombardment; margin below image r. in ink: J. Williams, 58th Reg.t; paper-maker’s chop (blind print): Turnbull … [illeg] London Board.

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: Sketch of a Maori Policeman; l.r. in pencil: C.C. Clarke del. 4/5/50 … [illeg]; l.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: A Maori policeman. Drawn by C.C. Clarke 4.5.50 ? T.M. Hocken; verso: New Zealand as it is; label in ink…
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