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Lower right with brush: Woollaston; lower centre in pencil: M.T. Woollaston; verso in oil: [ A142, painting by W.H. Allen titled Study of Tui Northey, Dunedin. ca 1928]

verso original mount: Painted by T. Woollaston 30 Oct 1933 at Ratanui homestead, at that date owned by Mr M. Arthur. This is a sketch of one of his twin sons; label: Darby & Hannan, New Plymouth

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: Woollaston ’58; u.l. on mount: West Coast 17 miles north of Greymouth; verso in ballpoint pen: Destroy or give to the Hocken Library if they would care for it

Upper right (u.r.) in pencil: Joe’s exercises in Dr Washbourne’s old chair [arrow]; verso in pencil: M.T. Woollaston, Joe, artist’s son. ca 1946

Verso in pencil in Kennedy’s or Brasch’s hand: M.T. Woollaston, Portrait Mrs Hickford ca 1941

Verso in pencil: M.T. Woollaston, Mapua landscape; in library hand: ca 1940

Verso in pencil in Kennedy’s or Brasch’s hand: M.T. Woollaston, Artist’s daughter, Anna Woollaston 1948

Verso in ink: [study of head, A 154a]; verso in pencil in Kennedy’s or Brasch’s hand: M.T. Woollaston, Anna Woollaston 1944

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: M.T. Woollaston; u.l. in pencil: Rodney - Xmas 1957.

Verso in pencil in Kennedy’s or Brasch’s hand: M.T. Woollaston, Drawing of Decimus Wells family 1936; in artist’s hand: [unfinished sketches]

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Woollaston ’61; on tag verso in fountain pen: 114 Tasman Bay 4 gns

lower right in pencil: Woollaston; verso in pencil: [Sketch of face - crossed out]

Lower centre (l.c.) with brush: Mont Woollaston; verso mount in pencil: M.T. Woollaston, August 1930. Nelson landscape.

Verso mount in ballpoint pen (artist’s hand): M.T. Woollaston, Lyttleton [sic] Harbour about 1938

Lower right (l.r.) with brush in blue paint: Woollaston; verso in fibre tipped pen: 64/100 Mountain at sunset. M.T. Woollaston; verso in green fibre tipped pen: 75gns; label: Woo 12; 2nd label: T. Woollaston oil Mountain of [superimposed to read] at…

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Woollaston ’42; verso: [ink sketch of head 88/102 b]

Watermark: Ö JETÖ[?]; label verso in ballpoint pen, inscribed for donor by Noel Ginn: Portrait Lilian Kennedy by M.T. Woollaston for Hocken Library; Hocken

Verso mount in pencil: mt only. M. Woollaston. [additional framing instructions] Deliv to Mr Cochrane.
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