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Lower centre (l.c.) - l.r. in pencil: Tuawaike’s house, Roubouki May 1844; u.c. - u.r. in iron gall ink: 7 Tuawaki’s house Ruabieki May 14 1844; verso: Jacob’s R. NW by W Dist 18 m. Sandy beach all the way. Distant snowy mountains. Rocks.…

Lower centre (l.c.)in pencil: Otago May 1 1844; u.c. in iron gall ink: 5 Otago May 1 1844; verso: [sketch titled] New River

Upper centre (u.c.) - u.r. of b in pencil: Mouth of Otago - from the Settlement May 1/44; u.c. of b in blue-black ink: 9 Entrance to Otago harbour - May 1 1844; verso a in pencil: Entrance to Otago Ap.l 1844

Upper centre (u.c.) in pencil: Upper portion of Port Cooper from hills behind Rapaki. April 1844. Hills over which road might be formed to Great Plain. Gt plain; verso: [94/271]

Lower centre (l.c.) - l.r. in pencil: Mr Tucketts house Nelson Nov 9 1843; u.r. in pencil: 7; l.c. - l.r. in umber ink: Mr Tucketts house Nelson Nov 9 1843; verso in pencil: [unfinished sketch of tree]

Lower right (l.r.) of a in pencil: P.t of Queen Charlottes Sound (E side near bottom); u.r. of a in iron gall ink: Queen Ch…; verso a: [94/243]; l.l. on b in pencil: Ap.l 19 1843; u.l. of b in iron gall ink: …arlottes Sound April 19 1843; u.r. of…
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