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"Near to the afflux of the Tchang-ho with the Cha-ho, river of floodgates, or imperial canal, is a splendid octagonal pagoda : it consists of nine stories, adorned with projecting eves, and it tapers with a remarkably gradual and graceful…

"Less crowded with articles of furniture than the apartments of ladies of quality in England, the decorations of a bedchamber and boudoir in China are not less costly or complete - a suite of rooms being appropriated to the females of the mandarin's…

"The spectators and auditors at the raree-show in Lin-sin-choo belong to the industrious and humbler classes" (Allom, c.1842, v. I, p. 48).

"One of the most favourite mysteries presented by the strolling companies in the southern provinces, is "The Spectacle of the Sun and Moon" (Allom, 1842, v II, p. 28).
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