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Lower centre (l.c.) - l.r. in pencil: Tuawaike’s house, Roubouki May 1844; u.c. - u.r. in iron gall ink: 7 Tuawaki’s house Ruabieki May 14 1844; verso: Jacob’s R. NW by W Dist 18 m. Sandy beach all the way. Distant snowy mountains. Rocks.…

Through image in pencil, superimposed in ink in Dr Hockenís hand, or in ink in artistís hand: 95.25 Rarotonga 120.13 Pt Dawes River, Whanaka Ravine 134.4 136.6 137.40 138 139.6 Whanaka Ravine or river? 156.2 157.50 159.32 160.10 160.50 Native kiak…

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: J. Brown; through image in pencil: Superintendency, Separation, Otago Province, Mataura; u.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Refers to the disastrous separation of Southland from the Province of Otago of which it formed…

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T. Thomson 1870; label verso mount: Mataura Bridge 1867

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: JTT 1881; label recto: Titiroa River. 1881; on canvas verso: Titiroa River. 1881; label verso: T.T. Thomson for exhibition only

Lower left (l.l.) in ink in Dr Hockenís hand: E.M. Hocken del; l.c. in ink in Dr Hockenís hand: Ruins of the Rev. J.F. Wohlerís [sic] house, Ruapuke Island (March 1895); on mount in ink: T.M. Hocken; label: Na Te Hakena Tenei Tiki; label in ink in…
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