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Lower left (l.l.) in pencil (a): Auckland Harbor 21 Sep 65 EAW [monogram]; (b) verso in pencil: [sketch of boat & seagulls]

Verso in pencil: [drawing dated:] 10 May; on sketchbook mount: Auckland Harbour

Upper right (u.r.) in ink: 2 Auckland from the “Falcon”; u.r. in pencil: April 64; through image in ink: Hulk with native prisoners. M.t Eden. Fort Britomart. Long Wharf. F.t Britomart; verso in ink: 3678

Lower left (l.l.) - right (r.) in ink: Auckland. 20 April, H.M. Ships Esk and Falcon embark the troops for Tauranga No 1; in pencil: 64

Verso in pencil: Auckland. This is the third attempt I have made at this view from the Domain, a very pretty kind of rough botanical garden of some extent. The large building, the House of Assembly. The Man of War lay in the stream, but the Pier and…

Margin below image l.- r. in pencil: This is meant for Auckland harbour 14 July 64 - the Alexandra, the Cathedral, F.t Britomart, the Maoris and English ships; verso in pencil: 33

Lower centre (l.c.) in pencil: Tis sad to see/ How Cabined, Cribbed, Confined/ the Maories who in Rangiriri’s pits/ So stoutly held their ground/ Now fret in vain; verso: 37; inscribed on original mount: H.M.S. Esk, Hulk with Maories [sic] who were…

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: Kohimarama 11 Ap 66 EW [monogram]; on sketchbook mount: Auckland Harbour
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