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West Meets East

Images of China and Japan, 1570 to 1920.

West Meets East is based on a physical exhibition curated by Special Collections, that was on display…

Contributors: Various collectors

Dr Hocken's Original Pictures


This showcase offers a representational sample of the pictures that Dr T. M. Hocken gave in trust for the people of New Zealand. At the time of his…

Contributors: Dr T. M. Hocken

William Cowper Initials


These historiated initials were created by William Cowper for his atlas of human myology, the Myotomia Reformata. Cowper was an 18th-century London…

Contributors: John Monro (1670-1740)

History of the University of Otago


A sample of images relating to the history of the University of Otago. This project was the result of a collaboration among the University of Otago…

Contributors: Various collectors

Letterheads and Billheads

Brown Ewing & Co.jpg

This collection has been compiled from examples held in the Hocken collections. They are a sample of designs typical of the period 1870-1950. Many…

Contributors: Various collectors

Botanical Teaching Wallcharts


A selection of the teaching charts from the Department of Botany showcases the type of teaching resources found at the University of Otago.

Contributors: Department of Botany, University of Otago

Kinder Photographs


The Hocken holds the pre-eminent collection of John Kinder photographs in New Zealand. Gifted to the Library in 1922 by the artist's niece, Olga…

Contributors: Olga McCurdie

Works by Colin McCahon


Colin McCahon is recognized as one of New Zealand’s foremost painters for his inventive and visionary contribution to art. He lived from 1919 to…

Contributors: Colin McCahon Research and Publication Trust.

Lantern Slides


A collection of lantern slides used for cinema advertising.

Lantern slides are hand-drawn, painted, or photographic images on glass, intended for…

Contributors: Various collectors

A sketchbook by William Fox


A collection of pictures by Sir William Fox (1812-1893). These works are mainly watercolours of New Zealand landscapes and scenes, painted between…

Contributors: Dr T. M. Hocken, Sir William Fox

John Turnbull Thomson


A sample of the works by John Turnbull Thomson (1821-1884) held in Hocken Collections.

Contributors: Various collectors

Works by Doris Lusk


A sample of the works by Doris Lusk (1916-1990) held in Hocken Collections.

Contributors: Various collectors

Works of Joseph Jenner Merrett

A sample of the works by Joseph Jenner Merrett held in Hocken Collections.

Contributors: Various collectors

Works by Ralph Hotere


A sample of the works by Ralph Hotere held in Hocken Collections.

Contributors: Various collectors

Works by James Brown


A sample of the works by James Brown held in Hocken Collections.

Contributors: Various collectors

He Tirohanga Ki Muri: A View of the Past


"E kore e ngaro; te kakano i ruia mai i Ra' iatea.
I shall never be lost; the seed that was sown from Ra' iatea."

The image of a waka en passage…

Contributors: Various collectors

Charting the Land on the Ocean: Pacific Exploration, 1520-1876. Online exhibition


On 28 November 1520, Magellan sailed through the straits that would bear his name into the great expansive waters he dubbed ‘Mar Pacifico’. His…

Contributors: Various collectors

Celebrating Charles Dickens (1812-1870). Online exhibition

Cartoon Claire Tomalin's FB.jpg

On 7 February 1812, Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England. As a consequence, world-wide celebrations have taken place in 2012, the…

Contributors: Various collectors

From Pigskin to Paper: The Art and Craft of Bookbinding. Online exhibition

Cab 14 The Parables of Our Lord back cover.jpg

Cultivating Gardens: Practical gardening advice through the ages. Online exhibition


Botanists rely on floras, and apothecaries on herbals for the critical task of plant identification. Gardeners need practical advice as well as…

Unpacking Ruins: architecture from antiquity. Online exhibition


12 September - 28 November 2002 ~ de Beer Gallery
Central Library, University of Otago

Through the last five hundred years, ancient ruins have…

Enlarging the prospects of happiness: European travel writing through the ages. Online exhibition


Discoveries of new places, customs and climates always fascinate. While few of us possess the stamina, courage or funds to undertake marvellous or…

41 Stunning Books: A selection of modern private press books. Online exhibition


The private press books on show are all hand-crafted: printed on fine paper, bound individually, limited in issue number, and almost all contain fine…

The Wake of Thor


From Apprentice to Graduate: 50 years of pharmacy education at the University of Otago, 1963-2013. Online exhibition

Merged Pages.jpg

In 2013 the School of Pharmacy at the University of Otago celebrates its 50th Jubilee, a milestone that also represents 50 years of a degree…

Contributors: Various collectors