Tui or Parson Bird Prosthemadera Novae Zealandiae. From: 'A history of the birds of New Zealand' by Walter Lawry Buller | OUR Heritage

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Between 19th March and 3 April], 1490


de Beer Itb 1492 P
HC 13114*; BMC IV 111; Goff P809; Kaplan 392; ISTC ip00809000


Rome: Eucharius Silber
Eucharius Silber, fl. 1480-1510, a German who established an early press in Rome where he became a leading printer. He published many fine works, some in Italian, and issued a fine Roman Missal in 1488. His printing business was continued from 1510 to 1527 by Marcellus Silber.


Green morocco with gilt lozenge in middle of both covers. Green striped endpapers. Gilt tooling around the edge of covers. One portion of front cover damaged. Spine title reads: C.Plini/ II/ Epistoi
Bound with: Sextus Aurelius Victor, De viris illustribus. Rome: Stephan Plannck, 1492. DeBeer Ib/1492/P (see no.4).
First page of text proper (Lib. Primus), colophon.


Pliny the Younger (63- c.113) was a lawyer, an author and a scientist in Ancient Rome. He was nephew to Pliny the Elder. The letters, on which today his fame mainly rests, were largely written with a view to publication, and were arranged by Pliny himself. Much is covered in them: the description of a Roman villa; the charms of country life; a dinner party; legacy-hunting in ancient Rome; the acquisition of a piece of statuary; his love for his young wife; ghost stories; floating islands, a tame dolphin, and other marvels, and by far the best-known are those describing the great eruption of Vesuvius in which his uncle perished, a martyr to scientific curiosity.


Paper. [150] leaves ; 210 x 140 mm (quarto).
Roman type.
F.1b: Vasino Gamberiae Innocentii Pont. Max. ministro a cubiculo Pomponius Laetus...
F.2a: C.Caecili Plini Secundi Epist. Lib Primus...
F.148b Colophon: Impressum Romae per Eucharium Silber alias Franck natione Alemanu. Anno domini. M.cccc.lxxxx. post diem. xiiii. Calendarum Aprilis.'
Guide letters and capital spaces; decoration wanting.
Extensively annotated.


1. Willi Fels, 1946
2. Otago University Library


Gaius Caecilius Plinius Secundus (Pliny the Younger), “Epistolae,” | OUR Heritage, accessed June 25, 2018,

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