Tui or Parson Bird Prosthemadera Novae Zealandiae. From: 'A history of the birds of New Zealand' by Walter Lawry Buller | OUR Heritage

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The Travels of the Abbé Carré: in India and the Near East, 1672 to 1674





Journals G161 H2 Ser.2 no.95



London: Hakluyt Society


Barthélemy Carré de Chambon (Abbé Carré; b.1640) was employed by Jean-Baptiste Colbert, minister to Louis XIV, to report on the activities of the French East India Company in India. Before he even arrived on the West Coast, this adventurous and observant traveller had been robbed by an Arab bandit, had slept a night in a tree to escape marauding lions, and was forced to ‘make-do’ by steering his ship by the Pole Star. He disliked the Portuguese in Goa, but got on well with the English governors in Bombay and Madras. The manuscript of his journey languished in the India Office for years until it was translated by Lady Fawcett.


Translated by Lady Fawcett, “The Travels of the Abbé Carré: in India and the Near East, 1672 to 1674,” | OUR Heritage, accessed June 19, 2019,

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